Initials puzzles

Initials puzzles

Wooden gifts

The initials puzzles are a very special and intimate gift. The puzzle is wooden and specially handmade from pine wood. It is polished in the end with olive oil so that it will look amazing in every house. They are perfect for every occasion and for every age and gender. Surprise the people you love with this amazing gift.

Personalized pen holders

personalized pencil holder 01

Wooden pen holders

The pen and pencil holders are an original gift. They are perfect for mom, dad, brother, sister, friends and even colleagues. You can surprise everyone and they are also perfect for any occasion. They are a great present not only because they are personalized but because they are handmade from pine wood and they are polished.


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Wooden name puzzles


Wooden gifts

The other name puzzles are special because you can have an entire sentence handmade from pine wood. These type of presents are the best ones because they are personalized. Surprise friends and family with this wooden name puzzle and put a smile on their faces. They are amazing for every home because they are polished and nicely done.

Company name puzzles

Company name puzzle

Business gifts

The company name puzzles are a nice way to surprise your colleagues and your boss. This is a nice business gift because it is personalized. The name of the company is handmade from pine wood and the puzzle is polished to look incredible on every desk. This is a great way to surprise everyone for the company’s anniversary.

Wedding gift ideas

Wedding initials puzzles

Wooden gift ideas

Every wedding will be even more special with the wedding initials puzzles. This is a special gift for you loved ones which are also special. Give this puzzle which is crafted by hand from pine wood. The puzzle is polished and it goes with the entire furniture in every house. Surprise the bride and groom and make their day even more special.