Wedding gift ideas

Wedding initials puzzles

Wooden gift ideas

Every wedding will be even more special with the wedding initials puzzles. This is a special gift for you loved ones which are also special. Give this puzzle which is crafted by hand from pine wood. The puzzle is polished and it goes with the entire furniture in every house. Surprise the bride and groom and make their day even more special.

Other name puzzles


Wooden gift ideas

Have a word handmade from pine wood or have a whole sentence – it is your choice. The wooden puzzle is a perfect gift because you can have a whole special sentence made from wood and you can give it to someone special. These kind of gifts are perfect because they are personalized and can be given for every occasion.

Anniversary gift puzzles from wood


Wooden gift ideas

If someone has an anniversary and your are tired with the same old gifts then you should check out the new anniversary wooden puzzles. They are an amazing way to say “I love you”. They are handmade from pine wood and are polished which makes them perfect for every home. The gift is a unique idea for everyone and it is perfect for any occasion.

One name puzzle gifts

One name puzzle

Wooden puzzle gifts

You can give this wooden puzzle to someone for their special occasion or you can order it for yourself. It is an amazing item because it is personalized with the person’s name. The puzzle is handmade from pine wood and it has the pine wood patterns preserved.

Wooden gifts – pen and pencil holders

wooden pen holder 01

Pen and pencil holders

The wooden pen and pencil holders are handmade especially for you from pine wood. They are finished with a touch of olive oil. They are perfect for everyone and for every occasion. They are a perfect decoration for every home and on every desk in the office.
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