Wooden gift puzzles


Amazing wooden puzzles

How often do you see a special message carved by hand from pine wood? Now you have the chance to give it as a gift to someone you love. Pick out what do you want to say to your loved ones and order it now. It is handmade and polished to look amazing in every home. The gifts are handmade only by order because they are unique.
Source: http://personalised-unique-gifts.com/wooden-gifts-4/

Pen and pencil holders

pen holder 01

Wooden pen holders

Surprise your colleagues for any occasion. This is a perfect personalized gift and it looks amazing because it is handmade from pine wood! It is nicely sanded and polished at the end to look amazing in the office. Surprise everyone you love and respect with this wooden pen and pencil holder.
Source: http://pen-holders.eu/image-pages/pen%20holder%2001.htm