Spectra’s expansion plans call

Spectra’s expansion plans call for replacing part of a 26 inch gas pipeline in western Danbury with a 42 inch line that will run under Interstate 84 and the Still River. The project begins at Spectra’s Algonquin line west of the Hudson River in New York, where most of the opposition is centered. It includes power upgrades to a handful of compressor stations, including the one in Southeast on the Danbury border..

National chains like Mimi’s Caf and McDonald’s gain loyal patrons for offering cheap, tasty meals. More precisely, customers like the caloric bang for the buck, convenience and fat content. Some even argue that the levels of fat, sodium and additives makes this food highly addictive.

Doing major landscape work can also cause changes to the ground’s pitch that may let water flow toward the house instead of away from it. A lot of homes in California have a stucco exterior. Any cracks in the stucco at ground level should be patched up to avoid water seepage.

“The moratorium is having, and will continue to have, a negative impact on economic growth in the region. I have heard from many indicating that their business and residential projects are stalled because they cannot access the system,” Rosenberg wrote Berkshire Gas President Karen Zink in an Aug. 12 letter.

Motor vehicles are given all the space, lanes and parking we can find. Meanwhile anyone who wants to leave the car at home (or who has no choice: a third of our households don’t have a car) is left with two options. You can fend for yourself in the traffic (too intimidating for many), or attempt to negotiate the labyrinth of our city’s embarrassing, patchy attempts at cycle paths and shared use footpaths, where they exist..

Schubmehl has returned to her teaching assignment in Garyville Mount Airy with a dozen other teachers. She has been living temporarily in rural Belle Rose, closer to her school, while determining if it is safe and practical to move back to her apartment in New Orleans. Although St.

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